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Let the Sun Shine In Design 1
Let the Sun Shine In Design 1
Let the Sun Shine In Design
Let the Sun Shine In Design
Let the Sun Shine In Design

Let the Sun Shine In

Project Details
Designer: Justina Auer
Cabinetry: Brookhaven II – Framed Inset
Wood: Maple
Finishes: Nordic White Painted
Door: Kingston Recessed
Countertop: Mombasa Granite

What ignited the design of this clean-lined, light and airy kitchen was a new large window with transoms that replaced an old narrow double hung kitchen window. We brought the window down to the countertop where it then extended into the sill so the view from the sink is seamless and just extends out to the backyard. Having this as a springboard, we decided to mimic the divides in the transom window with the cabinets’ glass inserts. A single level island was designed to be a main prep area and buffet station as the family didn’t want too much space for seating since the dining area is in the same space as the kitchen. Storage was very important to my clients so we tricked out the base cabinets with interior roll-outs, corner turn-outs, a spice drawer, tray storage, and pull-out trash. The resulting open and welcoming space flows into the already very open floor plan between the dining space and living room.