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Gray: Color of the Moment3
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Gray: Color of the Moment Design
Gray: Color of the Moment Design
Gray: Color of the Moment Design

Gray: Color of the Moment

Project Details
Designer: Justina Auer
Cabinetry: Brookhaven I – Frameless Cabinetry
Wood: Maple
Finishes: Mocha Stain on Perimeter; Charcoal Paint on Island
Door: Larchmont Recessed with Optional Slab Drawer-head
Countertop: Pental Quartz

Comprehensive functionality intersects impeccable aesthetics in this play on a traditional kitchen. With two passionate cooks in the house, everything was designed for plenty of space to prep and cook as well as entertain including lots of counter space around the oven, an oversized entertaining island with farm sink, dishwasher and garbage cabinet on one side and enough room for four guests on the other as well as a recessed bar area complete with beverage refrigerator. Some of the refined aesthetics of the space include rich traditional tones in the wood selection of the perimeter with a modern pop of dark charcoal gray on the painted island and an oversized wood hood that is finished to the ceiling with increased size crown moulding and decorative door inserts. The open bookcase and drawer end of the island facing the dining area is yet another example of function meeting beauty with drawer storage for table mats and napkins and shelves for decorative display.