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Color Palette Replaces Natural Light

Project Details
Designer:  Justina Auer
Cabinetry: Brookhaven I – Frameless Cabinetry
Wood: High Pressure Textured Laminate
Upper Cabinet Finish:  White Laminate
Lower Cabinet Finish:  Broadwalk Textured Laminate
Door: Vista Plastic with Aluminum Edgebanding
Main Countertop: Silestone Quartz – Mont Blanc
Bar Top Countertop:  Color Quartz – Star Wars
2015 NKBA Design Award, Best New Kitchen Up To 300SF

We defined this thoroughly contemporary kitchen by a modern color palette of black, white and gray. To add just a touch of color, the backsplash pops with an accent of red tile.

Textured high pressure gray laminate on the base cabinets have an aluminum edging accent which seamlessly connects them to the appliances. The white upper cabinets are also finished with the same aluminum edging, keeping the main area, which is windowless, bright and open. Antique glass above the sink area, a modern metal and glass hood and strategically placed decorative light fixtures also help to compensate for the lack of natural light.